Mass gains? Think of lattice structures

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How DMLS can help consulting engineer and technician?

The services companies’ customer need reactivity, efficient, and expert in a very short time, with a high level of work. Before to become CEO’s SLS France, I worked for one of this company, the job and pressure was very exciting and project very technical.


With financial restriction and short development, customers need more efficient. The real question is how consulting engineer and technician can upgrade the customer’s satisfaction for progress their own services company?


I really believe that all the benefit of DMLS technology is closed that the services companies’ customers want.


With this technology you win time, yours customers too. You can be focus on the project not manage the industrialization of the parts and lost time with the design or if the draft is ok or not for the supplier. You are a fireman, reach the fire, and propose an industrialization services when the design and project phase is calmer. Reduce the development time is a key for efficiency.


“Try to imagine what we can build”, yours customers want to solve their difficulty. You can propose different way to build a parts. You can integrate new functionality, with porosity to insert in the metallic parts another material for lubrication for example. You can design a parts with texture or lattice structure inside the parts. The only restriction of this process is your imagination. And this is the best skills of services companies.


Your customers need to industrialize a product with complexes parts on DMLS? Know the best way to apply this process for serial parts and you can have a higher level on the customers’ satisfactions.


According to McKinsey study, the DMLS process and 3D printing will have an economic impact around 550 billion $ until 2025. Know perfectly this technology and your services company should have a piece of this huge cake.


So how I can help you?

-          Firstly this website give different news on DMLS process. Business intelligence is a key.

-          Secondly we give you, through the website, the key for a better understanding of the process and apply it for serial parts.

-          Third point, I’m a CEO of SLS France, a 3D printing supplier company, and I can answer all of your questions. We can organized a presentation directly to your company for increase your skills on the 3D printing.


Knowing the applications of the DMLS process is the way for success. now online !

How apply DMLS on very exigent environment and serial parts? See answer at

The Direct Metal Laser Sintering is the new strategic issue on the manufacturing. Printer companies are growing very fast, materials on this machine are more efficient, and many of new company are created.

With this new manufacturing deal, how company could take this decisive moment without invest?
Or the real question is: how company could integrate this new manufacturing process as serial parts?

The goal of this website is to answer it and give you the keys for apply this process for serial parts. The technology is aboard with a technical view for quality, methods, logistic, design department…

In our company we think that this technology is the actual revolution. Use this process for serial parts is the strategic issue for growing your company. Give you the key to succeed it… this is our job.

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