The Direct Metal Laser Sintering is an additive manufacturing technology. As in all these technologies, machines accumulate 2D layers of material to create the 3D products. We talk about stratum-design.

DMLS or "micro fusion laser" in French was invented in the 1980s but really developed and distributed in the 2000s. This process works with a successive metal powder layers deposition. Between each layer there is a laser beam locally merge material.

There are two types of laser, plastic and metal micro-fusion. The machine plastic market start to decrease because of the expansion of plastic 3D printing. We will talk largely about the metal laser sintering.

We hear two terms in this process: Sintering and melting. In its definition Sintering consist on a grain’s powder agglomeration welding under heat treatment. The sintering process is melted due to a binder who melt the grain with the energy laser sources. For us we talk about melting. Because sintering process was true 15 years ago. Today the laser is enough powerful to melt the grain together and merge the metal without binder. The real term should be Direct Metal Laser Melting, but the DMLS term is more knowing, so we’ll use DMLS.

On this parts of the website we’ll discuss about the various themes on DMLS. The general idea is to give you the keys concepts from a technical perspective. However this website shouldn’t give you all answers from your questions, please contact us for more information.