Other AM's process

We can’t speak about direct metal laser sintering without the other additive manufacturing process. We will present briefly the different technologies used.


Stereolithography or SLA is a technology that dates back 80 First of AM technologies, stereolithography based on the principle of light curing resins.

On an immersed platform in a liquid resin, the laser set the first layer of resin. The platform is lowered by a few tens of microns and the second layer is photo polymerized.

Like any AM process, stereolithography works on the accumulation of successive layers. However, the process needs production’s supports to hold parts on the platform.

Examples of stereolithography’s applications:

Printed object on stereolithography
Source Industrie et technologie
Lampshade built on stereolithography
Source Blog Decodesign.fr
Prototype built on stereolithography
Source 3Dsystems

3D printing

The 3D printing process is the logical continuation of stereolithography. Still based on the accumulation of successive layers, the 3D printer projected a melting plastic material with a printing head on a platform.

Specifically designed for resins and plastic materials, 3D printing is increasingly democratized. Different types of loads of materials exist, by wire deposition or by liquid cartridges.

Examples of applications for 3D printing:

3D printing in color
Source Rapidtechproto.com
3D printed watch strap
Source 3Dsystems
3D printed object
Source Stratasys

CLAD process

CLAD uses the same interactions as DMLS. At the end of a robot arm, a nozzle is projecting the metal powder on a platform, under the action of a laser beam the material is fused.

This process is used to make very large workpieces of metal or to the coating surface.

Examples of CLAD applications:

Surface coating with CLAD
Source Fabricatingandmetalworking.com
Building of a part with CLAD
Source DMG
Building of a part with CLAD
Source Fabricatingandmetalworking.com

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